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My Child is interested in skating, where do I start?

The Mariposa School of Skating provides programs through out the year for Learn to Skate.  In the evenings and weekends we offer Canskate in September and April.  From October to March we suggest skaters join the Barrie Skating Club  Canskate Program.  If you are looking for private instruction during the day from September to May, 6:30 am to 3:30 pm please contact  We also have a world class camp that runs in the Summer and March for skaters at the learn to skate level.  Please watch our social media and on our website under programs for program information each season.

What are Private Lessons?

Private lessons are offered to skaters who have advanced beyond the CanSkate level or require more one on one attention within the CanSkate program.  The CanSkate supervisor or the Director of skating can provide advice on whether a skater is ready for private lessons.

Skaters working at all levels of the STARSkate and Competitive programs develop their skills though private lessons.  Semi-private and group lessons may also be an option, depending on the coach’s availability and the skater’s needs.

Skaters will register for specific ice sessions (for which they are qualified by test level) during which their will work with their coach. Typically on a 50 minute ice session, a skater will sign up for 15 minutes of coaching and spend the remaining 35 minutes practicing.  Learning to work independently is an important skill for a developing figure skater.

Engaging a coach

Skaters contract individually with their coaches.  Coaches set their own rates, according to their experience, qualifications and services.

Choosing a coach is an individual decision.  A list of coaches is available through the Club office and on the Club website.  Skaters can arrange to take the trial lesson from different coaches, to ensure that personalities and teaching/learning styles are compatible.

Coaching arrangements, including payment, are made directly with the coach, who operates independently of the School. It is advisable to discuss expectations in advance.  Coaches will expect skaters to be prompt and attend lessons regularly, and to give advance notice whenever possible if a lesson must be missed.

Skaters can expect coaches to be in attendance; sometimes, however, coaches may have to miss a scheduled lesson in order to attend competitions, tests, or educational workshops with other skaters.  In such cases the coach will provide notice and may arrange to reschedule or have other coaches substitute.

skater-coach diplomacy

Skaters experiencing conflict with a coach are encouraged to meet with the coach to discuss the problem.  If a skater plans to change coaches, for any reason, the coach should be advised of the decision, by phone or in person, and outstanding coaching fees should be paid in full.  Keeping relations cordial contributes to a productive and cooperative atmosphere in the Skating School.

What is the difference between day camp and summer school

Day Camp is for skaters looking for childcare for the day while also experiencing the benefits of a multi sport camp including skating lessons.  This is primarily a recreational camp for Figure Skating, Hockey development and learning to skate.  Accommodations can be made for skaters who are younger but require a training environment.

Summer school is a full service program for athletes who wish to train during the summer.  The program includes On and Off ice training sessions for serious STARSkaters and Competitive skaters.  There are additional classes in ballet and off ice jumps available at an additional fee.

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I have been bringing skaters to the Mariposa Seminar for 18 years. Every year is a fabulous experience for both my skaters as well as myself. It never ceases to amaze me how professional everyone is and how willing this team of coaches is to share information to both the skaters as well as the coaches at the seminar.
— Charleen Cameron, St. Margarets Bay Skating Club —