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Synchronized Skating at Mariposa

What is Synchro?

Synchronized skating is a specialized discipline of skating involving groups of eight or more skaters performing various group formations and maneuvers. The objective is for the team to perform as one unit executing circles, blocks, lines, wheels and intersections in unison to the music, while demonstrating quality edges, power and flow. Skate Canada’s SynchroSkate program includes a number of Synchronized Skating categories which accommodate skaters at any age and skill level.


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Covid Policy/Procedures

At this time, masks are not mandated in the City of Barrie facilities.  We do ask however, that skaters where masks while working in the team to mitigate risk of infection.

Upcoming Events

April 30th & May 1st- Team Mariposa Try Outs

Team Mariposa (Try Out’s) Placement Session 2022/2023



April 4th- INTRO to SYNCRHO

Are you looking to try something new?

If you are looking for a team sport this program is designed for you!

Synchronized Skating will provide your young skater with a fun team atmosphere, while focusing on developing their individual skating skills.

Directed by the coaching team of Mitch Islam and Cathie Gillespie we hope to introduce your young skater to a discipline of figure skating that will allow them hone their passion for skating, while embracing a team sport.

The Mariposa School of Skating Synchro program has launched this new Intro to Synchro to allow younger skaters a different opportunity to train, perform and compete. 

At the end of the four-week session, the skaters will perform a short routine to demonstrate the new skills they have acquired. 

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Skater's in Training

We are extremely fortunate to be able to provide our younger Synchro skaters an opportunity to train with our Pre Novice team in 2021-2022.   These young ladies are building their synchro skills and are looking forward to having others join them next year at the Pre-Juvenile or Juvenile level.

2022-2023 Synchro Mariposa Season

Team Mariposa is currently seeking skaters for our 2022-2023 synchronized skating teams.  New and returning skaters, age 5 to 18, are invited to sign up for one of two tryout sessions fielding teams in the Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile and Pre-Novice categories.  Come be a part of our FUN and growing synchronized skating program with opportunities to compete at a Provincial level.

Try outs are planned for April 30th and May 1st.  Check back for more details in the near future.

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Intro to Syncrho

This four week program will run this April for skaters interested in learning about what Synchro Skating is all about. No Synchro experience necessary!  This program is to provide skaters the opportunity to learn synchro skills while developing their fundamental skating skills.

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Synchro Coaching Staff

Cathie Gillespie

Cathy Gillespie is our Synchro Program Director

Mitch Islam

Synchro Coach

Amanda Mason

Synchro Coach

Merideth Tutching

Skate Canada Synchro Consultant

Support Coaches

Kelly Johnson

David Islam

Paul Matheson

Janice Morgan


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Kudos to Mariposa! While you continue to provide 'standard of excellence' your seminar encompassed a healthy and positive atmosphere. No matter the age, the home club location, it was all so heart warming to watch figure skaters on the ice working so hard.
— Gwen —