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Victor Polowy

Victor Polowy

Victor is a former Jr. A level hockey player and competitive figure skater who has transitioned into full-time coaching. With ten years of past coaching experience, Victor has had the pleasure of working closely with high-level hockey skills coaches such as Paul Matheson at Evolution Skating Development. This unique combination of specific skating skill knowledge and coaching perspectives, from both hockey and figure skating disciplines, has helped form Victor’s approach in developing the next generation of proficient hockey skaters. He is passionate about helping athletes reach their full potential through education and individual skill development, while maintaining a positive environment for personal growth. He aims to provide athletes with the technical and physical understanding of skating skills, as well as the tactical awareness to execute these skills in a variety of game situations. Above all, he also cares about his athletes personally and keeps their development, both on and off the ice, a priority. Victor’s credentials include:

–        Five-time Skate Canada Gold Medalist

–        Experience working with athletes from youth to pro

–        Can-Power Trained

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Kudos to Mariposa! While you continue to provide 'standard of excellence' your seminar encompassed a healthy and positive atmosphere. No matter the age, the home club location, it was all so heart warming to watch figure skaters on the ice working so hard.
— Gwen —