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Summer School 2023

July 3 — August 18

Program Overview

The Mariposa School of Skating offers one of the best summer skating programs in the world. We offer programming for Singles, Pairs and Dance at all levels. By integrating both on and off-ice classes into each training day the summer program is designed to help skaters at all levels reach their goals.

Full Session Package includes:

  • 30 minutes off-ice jumps Monday-Thursday
  • 2 Freeskate Sessions
  • Blades on ice (no jump) Session Monday-Thursday (Silver, Gold and Elite only)
  • 4 off-ice conditioning classes
  • Group lessons Monday-Thursday (STAR 1-7 only)

* There is no skating on the Civic Holiday (August 7th)

Early Bird Pricing +HST (before May 1st, 2023)

  • One week $335.99
  • Holiday week (August) $262.49
  • Four weeks $1228.49
  • Seven Weeks $2120.99
  • No early bird for Daily

Summer Pricing +HST (as of May 1st, 2023)

  • One week $368.19
  • Holiday week (August) $272.99
  • Four weeks $1338.49
  • Seven Week $2342.98
  • Single Session Drop-ins $35.00
  • Extra Session Purchase $10.00

Choose Your Session preference

* please note, skater’s final session placement will be at the discretion of Mariposa coaches and/or directors.


Skater’s should be at the Starskate 1-3 level. This session is appropriate for skaters who are working on single jumps and beginning doubles..


Skater’s should be at the Starskate 4-9 level.  Skaters should be landing their axel and working on double jumps.


Skater’s should be passed the Starskate 10 level or competing Pre-Juvenile and up.  Skater’s should be landing most double jumps consistently.


Placement on this session is at the discretion of the Mariposa School of Skating.

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Over the past 2 years our hockey team has participated in Mariposa’s skating program as part of our team development. I have observed immediate and long term results from each of our players edges, agility and Transitions. The results have been remarkable and as a coach I firmly believe in the skill of skating as critical foundation to any player. We will continue to invest our teams development money with Mariposa now and in the future. Mariposa’s staff is world class and nothing compares to the Team Edge and Balance Program! Shawn Bovair Head Coach Barrie Minor Hockey Minor Atom AA Shawn Bovair Police Constable #7473 Operational Support Division - Crime Prevention Unit
— Shawn Bovair —