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Summer School

The Mariposa School of Skating offers one of the best summer skating programs in the world.  On and off ice classes are designed to help skaters of all levels reach their goals.  All Weekly and Daily rates include On and Off ice group classes (not offered on Friday. Please see special rate for Friday only skaters)

All hockey players, and Canskaters please register for session E

Sample schedule **subject to change

Competitive Figure Skaters

  • A Session: Pre Juvenile/Juvenile Skaters* (2 Group lessons per day Monday-Thursday)
  • B Session: PreNovice/Novice Skaters*( 2 Group Lessons per day  Monday-Thursday)
  • C Session: Jr/Sr Skaters*(1 Group Lesson per day Monday-Thursday)
  • D Session: Novice/Junior Competitive (1 Group lesson per day Monday-Thursday)
  • Competitive Dance

* please note final session placement is at the discretion of Mariposa coaches and/or directors

Session Fees

  • One Week $299.00 + HST
  • Four Weeks $1099.00 + HST
  • Seven Weeks $1899.00 + HST
  • Per Day $61.95 + HST**
  • Friday $50.00+ HST**
  • *(short weeks)

For best results we recommend skaters attend a minimum of four weeks.

Test day will be held July 24th from 1-2pm in the red rink and August 14th time TBT

E session

This session is for Hockey players, CanSkaters, and STAR 1-10 skaters.

(1 hour group lesson per day Monday-Thursday, 45 min of group lessons on Friday)

  • Weekly $199.99 + HST
  • Daily $50.00 + HST
  • Fees include off-ice workout and one hour on-ice group lessons
  • When reading schedule follow the E session
  • Ballet and off-ice Jump class are extra
*Coaches who are members in good standing with skate Canada and/or have permission from Mariposa directors are welcome to coach their skaters on Mariposa Programs and Day Ice*

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Over the past 2 years our hockey team has participated in Mariposa’s skating program as part of our team development. I have observed immediate and long term results from each of our players edges, agility and Transitions. The results have been remarkable and as a coach I firmly believe in the skill of skating as critical foundation to any player. We will continue to invest our teams development money with Mariposa now and in the future. Mariposa’s staff is world class and nothing compares to the Team Edge and Balance Program! Shawn Bovair Head Coach Barrie Minor Hockey Minor Atom AA Shawn Bovair Police Constable #7473 Operational Support Division - Crime Prevention Unit
— Shawn Bovair —