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Sr Academy

April 12 — May 10


  • April 12 – May 10
  • On Ice 4:00-4:50 pm, Off Ice 5:00-5:30 pm
  • Allandale Rec Centre

Mariposa School of Skating is proud to present the Advanced competitive program

The Sr Academy is an introduction to Competitive Singles Figure Skating.  This advanced program teaches the fundamentals and advanced techniques for jumping & spinning, quality development of edge technique, and continued enhancement of field moves.  This program also offers an off-ice component that teaches body development as it relates to figure skating, dry land jumping, flexibility, and strength.

  • 1 Hour of group training in small groups
  • Each session will focus on one jump and one spin
  • 30 min off-ice training focusing on jump and spin technique
  • Skating skills technique training each week

Skaters must be Star 6 ​-Senior Competitive or have an invite from our Program Directors. Skaters must be registered with any Skate Canada Club and currently, train at least 2x per week, as well as be in good standing.

The intent for this program is to be in addition to your normal training sessions

This program is different from the  STAR 6- GOLD, SILVER & GOLD membership program as it only focuses on Singles Free Skating such as Jumps, Spins, and Fundamental Edge technique

The Sr Academy is under the direction of Azure-Dee Perkins and Janice Morgan.

If you have any questions pertaining to this program, please contact


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    Please check off all that apply to you. Landing a clean single axel is a minimum requirement of this program.

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I have been bringing skaters to the Mariposa Seminar for 18 years. Every year is a fabulous experience for both my skaters as well as myself. It never ceases to amaze me how professional everyone is and how willing this team of coaches is to share information to both the skaters as well as the coaches at the seminar.
— Charleen Cameron, St. Margarets Bay Skating Club —