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Off Ice Training on Zoom


September 01 — May 31

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

  • September 1, 2020 – Mon May 31
  • 4:00 am
  • ZOOM
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Monthly unlimited memberships.  When you purchase a membership you are entitled to attend any zoom class provided by Mariposa School of Skating for the month.  Membership renewal is required each month.

Mariposa provides Three classes per week focusing on both physical and mental aspects of training. It is very important for all of us at Mariposa that all athletes wishing to continue to train through this time are given the same opportunity.

Holiday’s are excluded from the membership.

For the growth of all Mariposa athletes who will be participating in off ice workouts(Tuesdays & Thursday) , fitness equipment for in home use is highly recommended.  If possible, we kindly ask that each participate has a set of medium to heavy dumbbells, a set of loop bands, a theraband/flex resistance band, a smooth foam roller and a small (6-8”)pilates stability ball.
HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) will continue to be the primary  focus in all athletes off ice training as It helps improve cardiac health and function, produce faster gains in endurance and is an effective way in training fast twitch muscles. However, when training month after month without mixing up components such as adding weights, resistance, stability props, etc., the body, brain and muscles become less alert and challenged and thus, more prone to hitting a plateau. In order to stimulate growth and change, improve balance and posture and increase muscle strength and power, resistance training is 100% essential. Cross training between HIIT and strength will provide the athletes with an overall balanced body thus creating an ideal performance platform for the training year.
On Monday and Tuesday’s join Moving Art Instructors for Ballet, Modern and Movement classes to enhance your fundamental movement training as well as your performance skills.








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    Mariposa continues to provide training during the month of year to keep skaters conditioned and able to return to skating safely.

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I have been bringing skaters to the Mariposa Seminar for 18 years. Every year is a fabulous experience for both my skaters as well as myself. It never ceases to amaze me how professional everyone is and how willing this team of coaches is to share information to both the skaters as well as the coaches at the seminar.
— Charleen Cameron, St. Margarets Bay Skating Club —