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Spring Power Skating 2021

April 05 — May 13

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Program Overview

The program runs for 6 weeks.
April 5th-May 13th, 2021 Monday and Wednesday 6:00-6:50pm and 7:00-7:50pm

This program, coached by Scott Grover, is for Hockey players and Ringette players.  Mariposa School of Skating is committed to providing sessions that possess the optimal training environment. We believe strongly that limiting session participants and maintaining our coach-to-player ratio is critical to the player’s ability to improve and wish to ensure that the players that have registered are getting maximum attention and value for their session.  Players are required to wear full equipment for their session.

  • The program runs for 6 weeks Monday and Wednesday 6:00-7:50pm
  • The program runs 2 days a week (2 one hour classes)
  • All skaters must pre-register for each class online and check-in in person
  • All sessions max 10 skaters per class
  • All sessions will be divided into groups according to the skater’s level.
  • This program requires full equipment
  • Reservations must be canceled 24 hours before class, otherwise, you will be charged for the class.  No exceptions.
All Power Skating and Edge & Balance classes have moved to a Punch Card system. This self-serve system allows for total scheduling flexibility. Buy a pass and then create a PunchPass account to reserve the classes you want. Please reserve all of the class times you want in advance. You can cancel any class within 24 hours of the class starting and reserve an alternate class.  If you do not cancel your class within 24 hours, your pass will be charged.  Your Punchpass will expire May 13th, 2020
Mariposa Code of Conduct and Expectations
As a member of Mariposa School of Skating, there is an expectation to represent our organization in a respectful and responsible manner. When at practice, functions, competitions, exhibitions, it is of the utmost importance that Parents, Skaters, Coaches, Team Managers, and supporters affiliated with Mariposa School of skating adhere to the following expectations;
•Always behave in a professional and courteous manner
• Arrive on time and be prepared
• Follow the expectations and requests of the club.
• Be respectful to other parents, skaters, coaches, player, competitors, officials, and volunteers
• Do not negatively comment on other players, competitors, coaches.
• Abide by Skate Canada’s and Hockey Canada Code of Ethics and Parent Code of Conduct
• Refrain from using profanity
After consulting with the City of Barrie it was decided by Mariposa School of Skating, for the safety of all in the facility, that parents would not be allowed to watch their skaters sessions, until further notice.
This ensures that we are partners who have the safety of the community at the forefront and promotes Mariposa as an organization that can deal with keeping our athletes and coaches on the ice safely.
  • Participants will be granted entry to the rink a maximum of 15 minutes before their scheduled ice time and must exit immediately after the next group goes on the ice. If there isn’t a group on after your session, you must exit the facility immediately after.
  • All participants entering the facility must wear a face mask. Skaters will be permitted to remove their face masks when they enter the ice surface but must put the mask back once their session is completed.
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times on the ice surface. Skaters and coaches must remain 6 feet away at all times.
  • The washrooms are for emergency use only. It is not a change room.  It will be limited to 3 people at a time and will be disinfected regularly. Users must sanitize their hands outside the washroom before entering and wash their hands thoroughly after using the washroom.
  • Participants must bring their own filled water bottle.
  • Participants are asked to bring their own tissues.
  • The Mariposa office will remain closed.
  • Upon registration, all payments must be made in advance on the website or via e-transfer and paid in full.
While this can be truly disruptive to your schedule – no exceptions are being made.  Mariposa School of Skating is bound by the guidelines as set by the Provincial Sporting Organization.  Under no circumstances will the Skating Club risk disciplinary action and fines due to non-compliance.  In the event that you are not compliant, after one warning, The Club has the right to revoke your registration without a refund.
We appreciate your anticipated cooperation.

All skaters must register online, complete Skate Ontario Waiver, health screening will be done at the front door.

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An individual becomes unwell with symptoms of COVID-19

  • If an individual becomes unwell with symptoms of COVID-19, or if someone is aware of an individual that becomes unwell with symptoms of COVID-19, that individual must immediately stop participation in club or skating school activities.
    • The individual should be isolated from all others in a well-ventilated area, or outside and provided with a non-medical face mask if one is available
    • The individual shall be sent home and instructed to follow public health guidelines regarding self-isolation and testing
    • The facility should be informed in order to determine if any areas need to be closed off and/or require additional cleaning/disinfecting
    • A member of the COVID-19 Oversight Group should be informed of the situation and should contact the individual or their parent/guardian to determine if next steps are being taken regarding testing


We would like to inform you of the individuals who will be acting as the COVID-19 Oversight Group as we transition back to skating activities. The following people will comprise this COVID-19 Oversight Group.

Paul Matheson Co-Owner 705.321.3414

David Islam Co-Owner 705-241-4171

Azure-Dee Perkins Office Team 705-333-3385

Trinette Goarley Office Team  705-623-1227

Should you have any questions about any aspects of the Return to Play protocols or other policies and

procedures related to COVID-19, please contact one of the individuals above

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Kudos to Mariposa! While you continue to provide 'standard of excellence' your seminar encompassed a healthy and positive atmosphere. No matter the age, the home club location, it was all so heart warming to watch figure skaters on the ice working so hard.
— Gwen —