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Day Ice 2020/2021


September 01 — May 21

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Mariposa School of Skating has Day Time “Ticket Ice” available for skaters September – June. We operate hourly sessions Monday to Friday 6:30am – 3:40pm. Monthly memberships and 10 packs are available for skaters. All sessions must be reserved and paid for prior to skating.  Session can be switched up to 48 prior to your chosen time slot after the 48 hour your time slot CANNOT be changed.

All Monthly Silver and Gold Monthly Memberships include priority reservations and off-ice zoom programming, and Ann Green membership.

Skaters are limited to 40 sessions for Silver pass and 60 sessions for Gold Monthly passes per month.

Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Elementary pass expire


Ten pass is good for a season (September-March)


Mariposa Code of Conduct and Expectations
As a member of Mariposa School of Skating, there is an expectation to represent our organization in a respectful and responsible manner. When at practice, functions, competitions, exhibitions, it is of the utmost importance that Parents, Skaters, Coaches, Team managers, and supporters affiliated with Mariposa School of skating adhere to the following expectations;
•Always behave in a professional and courteous manner
• Arrive on time and be prepared
• Follow the expectations and requests of your coaches
• Be respectful to other parents, skaters, coaches, competitors, officials, and volunteers
• Do not negatively comment on other competitors, judges, marks or placements.
• Abide by Skate Canada’s Code of Ethics and Skate Canada’s Parent Code of Conduct
• Refrain from using profanity
• Skaters must look presentable and if required, wear Mariposa apparel.
• On sessions skaters will maintain a high level of respect, professionalism and training intensity.

All skaters must register online, complete a waiver, health screening and review our Coved-19 Protocols prior to using this ice time.

Mariposa Protocols
Dressing Rooms
  • Skaters will have access to dressing rooms to prepare for skating. There will be 10 spots marked in each room. There will be 2-3 rooms open in both the Blue and Red rinks. Use rooms in the rink you are skating on.
  • Sit in front of the grey strip on the wall of the dressing room…… “Spine to the line”
  • Do not leave skates and belongings in the dressing room when you are finished your session, even if you are returning for a session later in the day. If you are skating consecutive sessions you can that spot.
  • The Coaches room is not available to drop off skate bags.
  • Dressing room bathrooms will be locked and unavailable. Skaters will continue to have access to public bathrooms in lower lobbies.
  • As a consideration to other skaters please bring a wipe to disinfect your bench area once you are done.
  • Masks must be worn in the dressing rooms. Masks can be removed once you take the ice.
Parent Viewing
  • Blue and Red rinks will accommodate viewing in the upper areas of the arena.
  • Parents will check-in at the desk with the City employee at the front door, answer the covid related questions and record a name and contact number for tracing purposes. Then you will proceed up the ramp to the rink your child is skating.
  • Seats are not to be used. Parents must stand behind the upper railing.
  • Parents should only be present at the start of their skater’s session and leave immediately at the conclusion of the session.
  • The Blue Rink lobby(upper and lower) and Red Rink warm viewing area are not open.
  • Bathrooms at the top of the ramp, in front of the Senior’s Hall, will be open for emergency use..
  • Masks must be worn in all areas of the facility.
  • Sanitize your hands upon arriving and leaving the facility
  • Parents are also asked to physically distance while viewing.



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Over the past 2 years our hockey team has participated in Mariposa’s skating program as part of our team development. I have observed immediate and long term results from each of our players edges, agility and Transitions. The results have been remarkable and as a coach I firmly believe in the skill of skating as critical foundation to any player. We will continue to invest our teams development money with Mariposa now and in the future. Mariposa’s staff is world class and nothing compares to the Team Edge and Balance Program! Shawn Bovair Head Coach Barrie Minor Hockey Minor Atom AA Shawn Bovair Police Constable #7473 Operational Support Division - Crime Prevention Unit
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