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Julian Yee

Julian Yee
  • NCCP Level 1
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  • Singles, Choreography, Edges/Foundational Skating Skills, Spins, Jump Technique, Skate Canada Skills Tests, Harness, Off-Ice Jump Class

Julian trained as a skater at Mariposa under the direction of Michael Hopfes and Doug Leigh.  Julian is a 2018 Winter Olympian. He has competed in many International Competitions including 5 World Championships and 6 ISU Four Continents Championships. He has gained experience in the eyes of a competitive skater which has helped with his coaching for over 7 years.
Julian specializes in Singles Skating and focuses on jump technique, spins and off-ice jumps. He also does Harness lessons. He is NCCP Certified and has also conducted many seminars across the globe such as South East Asia and Mexico.
Furthermore, Julian speaks 5 different languages
• English
• Mandarin
• Cantonese
• Malay
• Bahasa Indonesia
You may contact Julian via email at

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Kudos to Mariposa! While you continue to provide 'standard of excellence' your seminar encompassed a healthy and positive atmosphere. No matter the age, the home club location, it was all so heart warming to watch figure skaters on the ice working so hard.
— Gwen —